Dr. Patrick Choy






Hon. Philip Lee

Hon. President (Special Projects)






Mr. Ben Lee 李荣斌先生

Vice President

Born in Winnipeg’s historic Chinatown, Mr. Ben Lee has a broad and diverse record of community service that includes leading projects in the health sector, local community centres, and Chinese community. Ben Lee brings to local community work, immense national and international experience developed through his professional career as an accomplished Project Manager and Engineer (B.Sc, Industrial Engineering, University of Manitoba, 1988). Within the Chinese community, Ben Lee is known for his integrity, passion, and ability to get things done. Ben Lee has been integral to the current reinvigoration of Winnipeg’s downtown core area. For the past decade, Ben has served on numerous boards and committees.

Ben Lee is recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award (2012), City of Winnipeg Community Service Award (2010), Winakwa Community Centre Volunteer of the Year Award (2006), and the Raymond Simard Member of Parliament Volunteerism Award (2005).




Mr. Malinda Lee

Vice President

Malinda Lee was born and raised in Winnipeg and currently works in public relations as a freelance consultant.   In her free time, she volunteers for several not-for-profit organizations and national charities.

Though raised in the suburb of Westwood, Malinda “grew up” in Winnipeg’s Chinatown.  A Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Centre member since 1983, Malinda has been an active community volunteer since childhood.    She currently coordinates senior citizen and youth programming at the WCCCC and works with the centre’s communications and program committees on various community relations projects throughout the year.  Fluent in English, French and Cantonese, Malinda and her two sisters proudly work as a team to advocate for various causes devoted multiculturalism, diversity and accessibility for persons with disabilities.

Malinda graduated from the University of Manitoba’s Asper School of Business with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) degree in 2003.   She is currently studying in the public relations professional program at the University of Victoria.

Malinda has been awarded a City of Winnipeg Community Service Award and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.  She was also named a 2011 Eminent Young Overseas Chinese citizen by the PRC and invited to represent Manitoba at the EYOC International Conference in Beijing and Xi’an.



Dr. Frank Guan

Vice President

Dr. Xiaofeng Guan D.M.D.  Actively practicing dentist. Graduated from the College of Dentistry, University of Manitoba.  Long term volunteer and sponsor of various groups in Chinese Community.






 Mr. Jack Zhou








Mr. Terry Prychitko

Secretary- English








Ms. Debbie Guo

Secretary- Chinese







Dr. Tina Chen 陈庭梅教授

Tina Mai Chen is Department Head and Professor of History at the University of Manitoba. She holds a PhD and MA in History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a BA in History and Chinese Studies from the University of Toronto. Dr. Chen is a specialist in Modern Chinese History, with specific research interests in the social, political, and cultural norms that structure people’s engagement with society. She is the recipient of numerous international and national grants and awards, and has held visiting scholar positions at New York University, University of New South Wales, Sichuan University, and Beijing University.

Dr. Chen is also an engaged community volunteer. Since moving to Winnipeg in 1999, she has been active in the Winnipeg Chinese community, playing a central role in cultural programming, historical preservation projects, youth mentorship, and building ethno-cultural relations in Winnipeg and provincially.Dr. Chen’s community service further includes youth sport, primarily with Skate Winnipeg as a certified Skate Canada coach and volunteer.

Tina Chen is recipient of the YMCA-YWCA Women of Distinction Award (2012), City of Winnipeg Community Service Award (2009), and numerous University of Manitoba awards for teaching, research, service, and community outreach.




Mr. Frank Lavitt








Mr. Hsiang-Hsin Liu











Mr. George Pao






Ms. Saina Fan








Dr. Victor Cui

Dr. Victor Cui is an Associate Professor in business strategy at the Asper School of Business of the University of Manitoba. He obtained his first PhD from the Faculty of Engineering of the City University of Hong Kong and second PhD from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. He is an internationally renowned scholar in inter-firm collaboration and competition, technology innovation, and international intellectual property right protection. His research has been published in top-tier academic journals, won prestigious awards, and reached a wide audience via media outlets such as Fortune. He has given talks and served on boards of startup-, established-, and multinational-companies in North America and Asia, including Global Health, StandardAero, Merck & Co., Seven Oaks General Hospital, TsingTao Beer, and The Bank of Beijing.




Mr. David Chin

Hon. Pearl McGonigal

Dr. Charles Lam

Mr. Herb Stephen

Dr. Hermann Lee

Mr. Harry Ong

Ms. Eva Luk

Justice W. Scott Wright

Ms. Shriley Mar



Mr. David Cheop, LL.B.



Ms. Amy Zhang


Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Centre 2017 – 2018 COMMITTEES

Executive Policy and Management

Dr. Patrick Choy President
Hon. Philip Lee Hon. President (Special Projects)
Ms. Ben Lee Vice President
Mr. Malinda Lee Vice President
Dr. Frank Guan Vice President
Mr. Jack Zhou Treasurer
Mr. Terry Prychitko Secretary- English
Ms. Debbie Guo Secretary- Chinese
Ms. Amy Zhang Office Manager


2017/2018 COMMITTEES

Finance Committee– Chair Jack Zhou

Nominations Committee Chair – Chair Ben Lee

Membership & Community Development Committee Chair – Saina Fan

Communications Committee Chair – Malinda Lee

Program Committee Chair – Tina Chen

Events Committee Chair – Chair Pat Choy

Chinese New Year 2018 – Anita Lee

Folkorama 2018 – Pat Choy

Street Festival 2018 – Surein Lee

Golden Dragon 2019 – Ben Lee

Other events – TBD



Tina Chen

Dr Patrick Choy

Victor Cui

Steven Howes

Hsiang-Hsin Lui

Frank Lavitt

Ben Lee

Hermann Lee

Malinda Lee

Philip S. Lee

George Pao

Terry Prychitco

Jack Zhou


Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Centre Office 2018

Chen(Amy) Zhang Office Manager
Sixuan(Megan) Huang Graphic Designer
Manman(Wendy) Hui Office Volunteer
Danni Painter
Ye(Julia) Zhang Office Volunteer
Yixiao (Alysia) Li Office Volunteer
Siqi Fan Office/Event Volunteer



Megan Huang 黄思璇 Julia Zhang 张烨
Wendy Hui 许雯雯 Julia Zhu 朱丽颖
Lin Ye 叶琳 Danni Danni 丹妮
Meimei Ma 马玫玫 Cole Xu 许桓硕
Siqi Fan 范偲琪 Martin Hou 侯涛
Tianliang Qiu 邱天梁 Rosa Hu 胡毅蓉
 Tianci Fei 费天赐  Lina
 Meimei Ma  马玫玫  Henry
 Jie Liang Liangyan Hu
 Shiying Li Weimu Chen
 Yinyin Zhuang