Canada Day Celebration



July 1st is Canada’s 150th Anniversary, aren’t everyone expecting for it? Comparing to last few year’s celebration, Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Center are preparing abundant of fabulous activities to celebrate Canada’s birthday. We’ll host our celebration in Chinatown Garden and the WCCCC multi-purpose room.



  • 最先到的500人可以获得免费的加拿大150周年纪念鼓哦

2017.07.01下午12:30开始赠送,中国城花园,180 King Street

  • 创吉尼斯世界纪录击鼓欢庆活动

2017.07.01下午1点至1点半,中国城花园,180 King Street

  • 全民欢庆活动

2017.07.01下午1点半至3点,温城中华文化中心,180 King Street二楼

  1. 曼大历史系系主任 Tina的中加历史解说
  2. 历史艺术长廊
  3. 欢庆演出
  4. 免费的150年国庆蛋糕和港式茶点
  5. 传统文化展示
  6. 成功人士的故事分享
  7. 免费国旗、胸章及面部彩绘
  8. 免费传统服饰借出拍照


Celebration Detail:

  • First 500 people will get FREE DRUMS

2017.07.01, 12:30 pm, Start to give out FREE DRUMS, Chinatown Garden, 180 King Street

  • Canada 150 Drumming Celebration (aims to achieve a Guinness World Record)

2017.07.01, 1 pm – 1:30 pm, Chinatown Garden, 180 King Street

  • Everyone Celebrate!

2017.07.01, 1:30 pm – 3 pm, Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Centre, 2nd floor, 180 King Street

  1. Tina – History Department Head from University of Manitoba, will represent the speech” Canada and Chinese History”
  2. Canadian History Art Gallery
  3. Celebration Performance
  4. Free 150th birthday cake, Hong Kong-style refreshments and Tea
  5. Cultural Display
  6. Experience sharing by early Chinese immigrates
  7. Free Canadian Flag, Badge and Face painting
  8. Free lending of traditional cloth for photos




Canada 150 Drumming Celebration at Chinatown Garden will give us a grant beginning! This brilliant idea was proposed by World Chinese Business Association of Canada, and co-organized by Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Centre. Over 500,000 people cross Canada are going to drumming at the same time. The aim is to achieve a Guinness World Record. We want to set this as a special celebration to Canada’s 150th anniversary.


曼大的历史系系主任兼文化中心董事Dr. Tina会于文化中心礼堂给我们带来一段丰富的中加历史解说,同时中心也会开放精心布置的历史艺术长廊,展示中心珍藏的经典历史照片。

Dr. Tina – History Department Head from University of Manitoba, who was also one of our board member. She is passionate on give us a briefly and amazing speech, and will open an History Art Gallery to display our precious historical images about history of Canada and Chinese Immigrants.



Our performers will come up with a bustling atmosphere by providing us their traditional Chinese performance!



Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Centre offer attendees a fabulous cake and delicious Chinese Dim Sum to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.



What is more, we will provide several activities to welcome attendees. Such as, face painting, photo shoot with tradition Chinese costume, early Chinese immigrant’s stories about life in Canada, we also offer you free flags and badges for souvenir.



Join us in Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Center to celebrate the bicultural anniversary!



此次活动由Canadian Heritage赞助

The event was sponsored by Canadian Heritage.







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Our recent event is Canada Day Celebration and Chinatown Street Festival. You are very welcome to join us!



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