Zhonghua Cup Basketball Tournament

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2017 Zhonghua Cup Registration Form


To promote youth involvement in the community, to diversify the community activities, we will continue to host the Zhonghua Cup basketball tournament in the WCCCC gym from 2017. This year will be the 7th annual Zhonghua cup basketball tournament.
Usually, the teams contains new and old immigrants, high school students, international students, local Canadian born Chinese and Caucasians. Some Chinese organizations also form the teams to join the tournament.
Zhonghua Cup basketball tournament has been built up by its name and reputation. We trust with the new gym facilities, the improved tournament system, and the support from the local business, we are able to run better tournament year after year.




【Volunteers Seeking!】

The Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Center need volunteers for the 2017 Zhonghua Cup Basketball Tournament. Do you love working with people? Are you interested in multi-cultural music and dance?  We need volunteers to help us spread awareness of our work while making new friends in the community. If you are interested in working with us, you are welcomed to contact us at WCCCC.

【How to join us:】

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2015 Zhonghua Cup Basketball Tournament